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At Arm's Length 2

At Arm's Length 2
At Arm's Length 2 Club Inferno
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In scene one of At Arm's Length 2, entitled Sling Play, Eddie Moreno is in a sling with Matt McGrath feasting on his dick and Paul Skyler force-feeding him a long black dildo. Eventually both McGrath and Skyler are taking turns shoving their hands up Moreno's ass, first two fingers each, then four until both men have four fingers shoved up his ass. Unable to restrain himself, Skyler grabs Moreno's ass and fists him deeply until both guys shoot loads all over Moreno's body. As Good As It Gets is the appropriately named scene two. Super hung, goodlooking Rob Edwards finally takes the sling with Moreno and Cox working his hole. Moreno keeps pushing farther and farther into Edwards hole; eventually he can slowly pushes into Edward's ass all the way to his elbow without stopping! Unable to resist Edwards' giant cock, both Moreno and Cox take turns sucking it, while they also take turns fisting his ass. It's a double-fist-suck-a-thon! Moreno takes Edwards' cock all the way to the base while Cox fists Edwards to the elbow... a deep suck, deep fist that puts Edwards over the edge, shooting his load everywhere. In a continuation of the previous scene, we find Cox and Edwards laying head to head on the X frame. Thomas is fisting and sucking Cox while on the other end, Price is fisting Edwards. The combined fisting action of Thomas and Price deeply fisting the two men on the frame creates a push-me, pull-you motion that drives Cox and Edwards crazy. Thomas is fisting and sucking Cox, who has not only a PA but a giesche. You've got to see this one to believe it. Cast: Blake Harper, Simon Cox, Jackson Price, Rob Edwards, Paul Skyler, Boyd Thomas, Eddie Moreno