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Ass Pigs

Ass Pigs
Ass Pigs Club Inferno
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This cast of hardcore handballers would rather eat ass than food. They like to work an ass over until a bright, red, sloppy, rosebud pops out just so they can shove their whole face deep inside then shove their fist in, elbow-deep. They're Ass Pigs and they're ready to show you why! Did you ever wonder where the fist goes when you watch an elbow-deep insertion? Well, find out when chiseled top-man and ultimate Ass Pig Mason Garet goes insane on Evan Matthews’ hole. He effortlessly dips his lubed up, gloveless hand in the gaping cavern, pushing in and up, allowing you to see for the first time on camera, the outline of Garet’s fist on Matthews’ abdomen. Matthews turns the tables on Garet and pounds his rosebud with double-fisting action. Next they go doggy style, reaching around to fist each other’s gaping holes at the same time. The raunchy fisting action continues in a scene that will shock even the most ferocious Ass Pigs. Andre Barclay craves a cock in his mouth and needs his hole worked over. Dominant top Race Cooper has just what he needs - a huge rock hard cock and a twisted fetish for butt play. Cooper feeds Barclay’s face then flips him over and goes to work on his greedy hole. The verbal pig launches an aggressive assault on Barclay’s ass that includes a series of dildos and an inflatable butt plug that has the bottom writhing in ecstasy. Cooper masterfully manipulates Barclay’s hole with new levels of extreme assplay before both jack off and Cooper gushes his load all over Barclay’s face. Tattooed, cigar-smoking, real life partners Brendan and Luke Davies weigh in at about 220 lbs. each. Standing at over six feet tall, these rugged hosses waste no time getting down on each other’s fat pierced cocks. Brendan spends extra time working over Luke’s foreskin before getting on all fours and offering up his greedy hole. He-man Luke pummels his lover’s ass with a series of enormous toys and dildos that defy the imagination. Tony Vega needs sex. Wearing only a t-shirt and a four-inch ball stretcher, he stands on a platform fingering his hole. Jessie Balboa enters and begins sucking Vega’s long thick cock and licking his extended nut sack. After eating Vega’s ass, Balboa flips him over and begins to work several large toys up his ass and suck his cock at the same time. Then, like a true pig, Balboa jumps up on a table and opens his hole for Vega’s fist, who works his own hole with a dildo while jacking off all over Balboa’s worked-over ass. Cast: Brendan Davies, Andre Barclay, Evan Matthews, Jessie Balboa, Luke Davies, Mason Garet, Race Cooper, Tony Vega