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Arpad Miklos Collection

Arpad Miklos Collection
Arpad Miklos Collection Hot House Video
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Arpad Miklos shares his favourite scenes with you in Arpad Miklos Collection - a must-have collector's edition. Abducted, gagged and tied to a chair, Alex Collack loses control of himself while being forced to watch his abductors roughly grab and suck their hard cocks. Collin O'Neal unties Collack and drags him over to Hungarian hunk Arpad Miklos, where O'Neal and Miklos administer Collack's punishment from both ends. Later, the towering Hungarian muscle beast anxiously awaits his trick's arrival, already hard and wearing just a towel. Once he gets Owen Hawk in the door, the towel comes off so Arpad can deliver a face fucking that Owen will not soon forget. But this big man is hungry for more than just cock, so he spins Owen around and goes back and forth tasting the boy's big, juicy butt and sucking on his dick from behind. Finally when he feels the ass is primed, he stands up and fills it with his massive member. Resort guests Miklos and Duke Michaels are relaxing on the sofa in their room, stroking their enormous uncut cocks. Unable to resist the urge, they reach over and jack each other off. Miklos reaches for the lube bottle only to discover it completely empty. No worries, Kent North is called to the rescue. He arrives with the requested lube and is immediately pulled into the action. Enzo Grimaldi polishes the boots of Miklos with his tongue but when ordered to lick higher and higher, he soon finds a huge, straight shaft down his throat. Finally, an after-hours delivery turns into a muscle-man fuck fest when Miklos and Craig Reynolds meet in an alley. With is chiselled good looks, rock-solid muscular frame and enormous Hungarian cock, Arpad Miklos is one hot daddy! Cast: Arpad Miklos, Collin O'Neal, Craig Reynolds, Duke Michaels, Enzo Grimaldi, Francesco D'Macho, Ken Browning, Kent North, Owen Hawk