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Anges Et Demons

Anges Et Demons
Anges Et Demons Cadinot
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Julien, an early-thirties Parisian businessman, lives in the 16th arrondissement with his young boyfriend, Giacomo, in Anges Et Demons (Angels & Demons). The couple live in perfect harmony until the summer evening when Julien, leaving the office, decides to go cruising through the Bois de Boulogne before going home. After choosing his desired partner, everything goes wrong when he gets attacked and robbed by the person he met. Julien's lover for the night then goes to rob his house but ends up getting locked in the apartment by Julien's boyfriend, Giacomo, who's getting ready to go out and meet him - or so he thinks! Giacomo ends up finding himself medicated and caught up in an unpleasant story of small-town dealers and rackets. Once the two friends are finally reunited after the plot unfolds, they discover the perpetrator in their house, bring him to heel and, with the help of two corrupt policemen, make him pay his dues as they bring him to justice themselves. Anges Et Demons features nine hot action scenes, intrigue, humour and hot action. Cast: Angel Damon, Antoine Mory, Toufik Mwaka, William Howard, Giacomo Ferreri, Andy O'Neill, Angelus, Brice Hangel, Bryan Dickers, Ewan Wislaw, Maxence Gallagher