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Alpine Adventure

Alpine Adventure
Alpine Adventure Bel Ami
English Subtitles
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Director George Duroy once again shows his impeccable taste, choosing eleven of the most boyish cuties to headline Alpine Adventure. Filmed on location in Switzerland and Austria, Alpine Adventure brings back old-timer Johan Paulik for a fun opening segment in which he enters the performers' bedrooms and wakes them. All the guys are introduced as they brush the sleep from their eyes and sheepishly hide their morning wood. But Paulik doesn't stick around for long. The boys are on their own, as they embark on a ski trip that finds them at their playful best. Between the usual frolicking (this time in the snow), there is, of course, lots of hot, smooth-boy sex. Liam Phoenix tells his tale of jacking off with Raf Angelo. But why tell when you can show? As these two newbies suck and fuck in a rustic setting, you can't help but appreciate all the qualities that make Bel Ami's product so distinctive. There is great lighting, sweet music, and mesmerizing videography that captures every vein on Phoenix' perfect cock. It doesn't get much better than this-until the next scene with gorgeous Tommy Hansen, who gets attacked (in a good way) while making breakfast. He and Sebastian Bonnet go at it right at the stove. Marc Vidal shares his story of hot-tub sex with Greg Miller, and Danny Saradon and Matthew Gray request some privacy so they can fulfill each other's needs. Phoenix returns for a fireside fuck with Sean Ellis and delivers a huge load before bottoming. In the final scene Bonnet, Alex Orioli, and Richie Tyler take a dip in the pool before engaging in a torrid threeway. All six scenes here are lovingly assembled, and the cast couldn't be any more attractive. This is classic Bel Ami product, with high-quality picture and vibrant colors. Cast: Sebastian Bonnet, Tommy Hansen, Raf Angelo, Sean Ellis, Matthew Gray, Greg Miller, Alex Orioli, Liam Phoenix, Danny Saradon, Richie Tyler, Marc Vidal