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Afternoon Delights

Afternoon Delights Raging Stallion
Afternoon Delights Raging Stallion
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In Afternoon Delights, Raging Stallion brings you sex in the afternoon, with scene after scene of dick-hungry men. In four scenes and a solo, this movie brings you real hardcore action filmed with skill and style in the Raging Stallion tradition. Somewhere on a rooftop, Mario Cruz is looking for love - or at least a nice piece of cock. RC Ryan comes along with plenty of dick to share. Without words, Mario follows RC inside and goes straight for the gold. Mario is a beautiful man with tattoos, well-defined muscles, and an eager mouth. He works RC's cock with skill. As RC undresses, we get to take in the full spectacle of his well-defined body and his long cock. Mario swallows the whole length of it while stroking his own dick through his pants. After a nice full service blowjob, RC is ready to suck. Mario sits back with his big dick straight up and into RC's throat. RC sucks like a pro, working Mario's big uncut brown cock and jerking it with his hands. Mario wants a taste of RC's ass. RC bends over for Mario's probing tongue. RC's big dick is perfect for fucking and it slides easily into Mario's hungry asshole. Mario takes it from behind first then flips for a final position on his back. RC literally fucks the cum out of Mario and then shoots his own load straight into Mario's mouth. Exquisite - and that's just the first encounter of five! Cast: Brendan Austen, Dominic Pacifico, Fred Faurtin, Luc Bonay, Marc LaSalle, Marcos Pirelli, Mario Cruz, RC Ryan