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A Man's Tail

A Man's Tail
A Man's Tail Rascal Video
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An exquisite cast joins director Chi Chi LaRue in A Man's Tail - a pulsing seaside flick that throbs with intensity and features one sexy merman. Alex LeMonde, a chiseled, in face and body, man tells us in his French-accented voice that he doesn't believe in fairy tales, not since his boyfriend disappeared into the ocean. Apparently they were the perfect couple and owned a Florida resort together, but when Alex stopped treating Joe Foster like he should, he lost him. You get the moral of the story right up front. In the first scene Alex is in bed with Joe. After a wowing blowjob, Alex's foot presses Joe's face further south, where he makes Joe eat his ass. Alex then fucks Joe flat on the bed until he pulls out and parks a cum-shot on the tattoo on Joe's back. Joe reaches around to lovingly touch him, but Alex forces his hand away. With Joe pinned to the bed, Alex races out, leaving Joe to wonder. Joe goes to the beach and contemplates Alex's garish behavior, while the insatiably lusty Alex apparently hasn't had enough and goes off to brunet bombshell Matt Summers. Matt gets on his back on the bed and begs for Alex's cock. After gulping Alex's balls, he rims Alex with the force of a tornado. Alex starts to finger and rim him back before he shoots on Matt's face, and Matt cums a load that shakes his body hard. Anthony Shaw spots Brad Benton getting it on with tall Latino stud Alex Leon. Alex blows Brad with urgency. Even their kissing is hot and the smirking Anthony is getting a great lesson as he watches. Brad rims Alex with determination then parks himself on Alex's cock, throws a leg over Alex's shoulder, and lets Alex urgently fuck the hell out of him. Alex doesn't seem to know the meaning of tame as he smacks Brad's ass so hard a cumshot doesn't take long to appear. As they kiss, Brad jerks a mighty big one out of Alex. Meanwhile Joe and a cabana boy spy the opulently tattooed Nick Piston blowing Matt Summers. Tall, dark and extremely handsome Filippo Romano appears just in time to witness Nick savagely whomp Matt's ass. Filippo can't help but join in, of course, so this beauty takes off his shorts and brings his luscious dick to the party. Matt gets to suck it while Nick continues his anal assault. Nick and Filippo then take turns prying apart Matt's ass and eating it, pushing each other out of the way to get to the tasty hole. After their fight for Matt's privates is over, Filippo throws his legs into the air so Nick can jack him and blow him while Matt rims him. Filippo then stands over Nick and face-fucks him as Matt sits in a chair beating off, Filippo grinding away with incredible speed. After some additional impressive blowing, Filippo fucks Matt with Nick blowing the bottom. Nick keeps busy blowing, even as Matt shrieks with glee from Filippo's fuck. Matt finally cums on Nick's face, then Nick has a nice shot and Filippo spills on Nick's chest. The final scene is one of intense romantic passion. Anthony Shaw gently licks around Joe's chest, making sure to return to his mouth as much as possible, as if they are already in love. Anthony goes down on Joe, giving him a nicely paced deep-throat. Anthony tears his boner out of his tight pants and feeds it to Joe. Anthony does some more sucking and then Joe has his turn, unleashing the quieter side of his talent. With the hammock between them, they sixty nine, Anthony underneath deep-throating and Joe going off to lick Anthony's ass. They retire to the veranda where Anthony sucks Joe again. Joe then fucks Anthony, strong and confident as a top. As they fuck, they continue to kiss passionately. Anthony sits on Joe and works himself up and down the cock speedily, wringing his own cock handily. Anthony cums being fucked and then he beats Joe off to a great conclusion shot. Afterward, Anthony doesn't want to swim with Joe in the pool, because if he gets wet, his secret (he's a mer-man!) will be exposed. Joe confesses his love, so Anthony takes a chance. The fins re-emerge and Joe doesn't mind at all. He cradles Anthony in his arms and takes him back to the ocean where they disappear together into their hopefully never-ending fairy tale (or tail, as it were). Alex appears, screaming after Joe, which only heightens the beauty of the disappearing lovers. Classic! Cast: Matt Summers, Joe Foster, Alex LeMonde, Anthony Shaw, Filippo Romano, Nick Piston, Alex Leon, Brad Benton, Others