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A Man And His Boy 3

A Man And His Boy 3
A Man And His Boy 3 CockyBoys
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A Man And His Boy 3 continues this hot intergenerational series from CockyBoys. Grayson Lange is back and gentle giant Austin Wolf is here to wrap his arms around him and make his fantasies come true. Austin seduces him with strong caresses and kisses while fingering his hole and taking control. Grayson is eager to please Austin with deep sucking that's so good Austin barely has to work to keep his cock in Grayson's throat. When Grayson does slow down, Austin takes over. He holds him and thrusts into him like his sex toy. In time he roles Grayson to the side to fuck him hard. Finally, after worshiping his muscles and sucking him again Grayson rides Austin who soon drills into him. Austin goes over the edge and pulls out to shoot on his crack and up into him. In return Grayson shoots an intense big load over Austin's abs which pleases Austin greatly. What happens when totally submissive Mateo Vice is paired with dominant Freddie Daze? Everything! Freddie hungrily devours Mateo's hole and is excited a little more when Mateo strokes his cock with his foot. Soon Freddie slips his tool into Mateo's spit-lubed hole and stretches him out. Taking Mateo from the side Freddie happily thrust-fucks him and goes harder and deeper. They get into a groove and soon Freddie brings Mateo to the edge. As Mateo shoots his thick load Freddie pulls out and seconds later he shoots his load over his hole. He plunges his cock in and out, over and over into Mateo who eats whatever cum isn't inside his hole. If you doubt their total satisfaction just watch them kiss at the end. Adrian Hill makes his porn debut in an auspicious way: getting Clark'd by Gabriel Clark. Adrian's slight nervousness wants to learn dissipates once he and Gabriel kiss passionately and explore each other's bodies. And in no time Gabriel has Adrian on all fours, pulling down his briefs to tease his hole with his tongue and cock. In bed Gabriel puts the limber Adrian in position for a deep pile driver fucking. Once Adrian takes it like a champ Gabriel lies him on his back for a power pounding and he doesn't stop until he's fucked a thick load out of him. With his dick still inside him Gabriel keeps pumping faster and faster until he pulls out to cream over Adrian's smooth pink hole. And as the finishing touch to popping Adrian's porn cherry, Gabriel gives him one more passionate kiss to remember. Tayte Hanson is back to welcome his friend Lucas Champagne to CockyBoys for his first porn scene ever. Lucas couldn't be more ready to go, happily taking Tayte's kisses and body play and submitting to his subtle but vocal dominance. Lucas sucks Tayte's cock and takes it into his throat, just as Tayte commands. Tayte easily moves Lucas into any position he wants before pinning the limber lad on his back. After pounding Lucas and choking him Tayte pulls out to cum over his hole and fuck it into him. Finally Tayte finger fucks Lucas into shooting a massive rocket blast of cum give himself a facial. Think Lucas is happy with his debut? You bet! Cast: Gabriel Clark, Austin Wolf, Tayte Hanson, Grayson Lange, Mateo Vice, Freddie Daze, Lucas Champagne, Adrian Hill