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5 Deep

5 Deep Club Inferno
5 Deep Club Inferno
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Club Inferno and director Robert C. Drake have assembled one of the most verbal, aggressive casts ever to bring you probing buttplay and fisting action like never before. Not only do these greedy pig-bottoms take fists to the elbow, they consume dildos and buttplugs of astronomical proportions. These seasoned professionals will astound you when they take it 5 Deep. Leather-clad, verbal top-man Geoffrey Paine whips out his huge cock for some excellent deep throat service from Rick Powers. Paine turns his attention to Powers' hole and wastes no time shoving his fat rod deep inside. After an intense fucking, Powers' hole is stretched and ready for more. Paine chooses a double-headed dildo about two feet long and gradually works all 24-inches into Powers' ass until the head disappears. The next weapon is about as long and twice as fat, but proves no match for Powers as it effortlessly slides up his ass. Determined to satisfy the hungry bottom, Paine slips on his black rubber gloves and prepares to go 5 Deep. Powers urges Paine to go deeper and faster until Paine is elbow-deep in Powers' greedy hole. Finally Powers and Paine get their nut. Manly Josh West probes Joe Damon's hole and discovers that he is ready for some major butt-play. He gets the action going by stretching Damon's ass with an ominous looking fat dildo that swells to over 12-inches around at the base. Next West chooses a 10-lb. dildo screw and twists it into Damon's gaping hole. Now that Damon's primed and ready West strips naked and works his lubed up paws into his hole. Eventually West power-fists him, shoving in one hand then the other in rapid succession. All of the 5 Deep action has Damon's uncut cock rock hard and his hole ready for West's cock. Unbelievably, West shoves his fist up Damon's ass right along side his massive meat. West pulls out and jerks off, blowing a hot white load all over Damon who begs for the 9" x 9" bullet buttplug. He finally shoots his load. Handsome Jessie Balboa rides a huge white dildo in a cage on the floor. His bubble-butt takes the toy to the base when Wolf Hudson walks in stroking his big cock. Hudson feeds Balboa his cock through the bars of the cage then comes around to the other side to supervise the anal action. After fucking Balboa with a dildo, Hudson removes him from the cage and begins to probe his ass with his greased-up hand. He shoves his fist deep inside and pops it out, going faster and faster until Balboa lunges away from the assault. Next Hudson orders Balboa to twist around and shove his own fist up his ass while Hudson beats his meat. Still jacking off, Hudson tells Balboa to sit on his fist. While Balboa bounces up and down on Hudson's arm, Hudson blows his load. Hungry for more Balboa sits on a bright red fireplug sextoy and rides it while he jacks off. It's not until Hudson shoves his fist up Balboa's ass that Balboa cums, followed by Hudson who shoots a second load all over Balboa. Tattooed top Dak Ramsey unloads an arsenal of enormous dildos and buttplugs intended for Rick Powers' ass. He begins his attack with a medium-size bullet plug and quickly realizes Powers needs something much bigger. A foot-long fat rubber cock does the trick but soon Powers calls out for the much fatter, bigger black one. Ramsey fucks him with the giant toy then shoves his fist deep into Powers' bottomless pit. The dildos keep getting bigger and soon Ramsey works over Powers with a rubber horse cock. After some more double-fist action, Ramsey brings out the big guns - a 3-foot long, 10" around python dildo. The ensuing buttplay will astound even the most seasoned handball enthusiasts. Powers' hole knows no limits as he swallows the entire monster to the base. Just when you think you've seen it all, Ramsey pulls out The Cone - a 50-lb. dildo that swells to over 10-inches in diameter. While Powers rides the cone Ramsey jacks off and shoots his load, leaving Powers exhausted and finally satiated. Cast: Jessie Balboa, Dak Ramsey, Geoffrey Paine, Joe Damon, Josh West, Rick Powers, Wolf Hudson