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Gold Star Roller Derby

Gold Star Roller Derby
Gold Star Roller Derby Kink.Com
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Kink.Com presents Fucking Machines: Gold Star Roller Derby, and it's a fuckmance! In the distance, Angel Dust (Remy LaCroix) stands in the middle of the rink, a shaft of light illuminating her, highlighting her short white skirt, her breasts, her roller skates. She looks like an angel in purgatory. She is facing a couch of bitches - Gold Star team captain Princess Chopper Armoff (Princess Donna Dolore), co-captain Raid E Ation (Ariel X) and lead skater, Care Bear Storm (Lyla Storm) - all sit eying her. Behind the couch stand the unimpressed team goon Vivienne Del Rio. It is cold in the rink, mostly from the Gold Star stares. In the quest for the next gold star girl, Angel knows this skating audition is going to be rough. They want tough girls who are Gold Stars and if lie to this team about your Gold Star status, they will fuck you and then fuck you up! Cast: Princess Donna Dolore, Ariel X, Vivienne Del Rio, Lyla Storm, Remy LaCroix