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From Underwear To Machines

From Underwear To Machines
From Underwear To Machines Kink.Com
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In Fucking Machines: From Underwear To Machines, it seems that Jodi Taylor fell out of a glossy catalogue and onto the Fucking Machines set. She is so cute and perky and has no idea what is about to happen to her pussy, but she is willing to delve into brand new territory for this amazingly hot all natural babe. First, a little wanking to get the pussy juices flowing, then out comes The Queen - a fine machine that eases a decent size cock all the way into her pussy and slowly retracts with the same, steady rhythm. The Queen does her job very well, and after a nice little orgasm, Jodi is willing to go a little bigger and a little more badass. She fucks four machines and on her third, her pussy has had enough. But that just means it's time for the Sybian sex machine because even though Jodi is an amateur she is still 20 which means she can take a fucking and reload! Cast: Jodi Taylor

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