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A Good Day At The Office

A Good Day At The Office
A Good Day At The Office Kink.Com
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Is there ever a good day in an office? Well, Bailey Blue thinks so in Fucking Machines: A Good Day At The Office. This girl is awesome! She takes a pounding, asks for more, wants it in her butt and does her first ever double penetration. This one is a keeper. Her first obstacle is a chastity belt that her clit pokes up through. She does her best to vibe her clit but mostly she just frustrates herself until she needs to rip it off and let the machines at her wet pussy and then into her nice, tight ass. Bailey works herself up into a sweat pumping dildos into her ass and hanging on while the machines work her over until she is breathless and happy. Dillon is, simply put, fucking amazing. She has no idea how hot she is and her 20 year old shy willingness makes her extraordinary to watch get fucked by machines. It's the craziest thing she has ever done but by the end she lays out glowing and professing to how amazing she feels. You can tell from her full body tensing, dick squeezing orgasms that she's telling the truth! Cast: Bailey Blue, Dillon

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