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Card Declined

My Card Was Declined During The Checkout Process. Why?

There can be several reasons why your card was not authorised:-

1. You are not enrolled in your bank's 3D Secure security system.

Since 01/01/2021 all card processing banks in Europe have to use the 3D Secure payment approval system as an extra level of security. 3D Secure requires customers to complete an additional verification step with their bank when paying. Typically, the customer is directed to an authentication page on their bank’s website, and they enter a password associated with the card or a code sent to their phone. This process should be familiar through the card networks’ brand names, such as Visa Secure and Mastercard Identity Check. If you are not registered with your bank for the above, this may be why your card authorisation was not approved.

If this is the case, please enrol your card in your bank's secure authorisation system. If you do not wish to do that, we can process your card charge manually, which sometimes does not require 3D Secure for it to be approved. You can do this by either emailing your card details to orders@simply-adult.com or by calling us on (UK) 0161 408 3502.and mentioning the order number that you wish to proceed with.

To avoid future issues with internet ordering though, it may be best to register for 3D Secure as it will soon be mandatory for all online card processing.

If you are enrolled for 3D Secure and your card is still declined, this may be because:-

2. You have incorrectly entered either your card number, card expiration date, or CVV Security Code (the three digit number next to the signature strip on the back of your card). If you think this may be the reason, please try placing your order again.

3. If you are certain that all these details are correct, then your own bank has declined to give authorisation to your purchase. This may be due to insufficient funds, restrictions on using your card on the internet or outside your country of residence, or your bank's internal fraud prevention measures.

If you know that you have sufficient funds available, then you will need to contact your bank and ask them why they have declined authorisation for your purchase from SIMPLY THE BEST. You do not of course need to tell your bank the nature of the goods you were purchasing, and your bank will not know this information from the declined authorisation.

Alternately, you can:-

Try using a different Visa (Debit, Electron or Credit) or Mastercard (Debit or Credit). Different banks often apply different restrictions.


Try a different Payment Processor on our Checkout page. We accept Visa and Mastercard through two different Payment processors - Finest and CuroPay. If your payment failed using Finest, you can try CuroPay, and vice versa.


Telephone us on  (UK) 0161 408 3502 or email us at orders@simply-adult.com and we can try to process the charge manually. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm UK Time, with an answering machine after those hours.


Place your order by mail and pay by UK cheque, blank UK postal orders, or British Pounds cash (no coins).