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Sustain Performance Gel: 03 tubes

Sustain Performance Gel: 03 tubes
Sustain Performance Gel: 03 tubes Simply Direct
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Get three tubes of the Sustain Performance Gel for the price of two, and save £20! Harder? Stronger? Longer? A unique new product, Sustain Performance Gel is the latest product from our stable of creams and gels designed to take your performance to new heights. Sustain Performance Gel is totally unique in that it is designed both to enhance your erection and allow you to last longer than ever before. Sustain Gel has two distinct active ingredients ingeniously combined into a single gel that is massaged into the penis about 10-15 minutes prior to intercourse. Firstly the vaso-dilating ingredient helps you to create a more rigid and powerful erection that is guaranteed to impress your partner. The second ingredient then acts to ever-so-slightly desensitise the penis allowing you to last longer and reduce the chances of early orgasm. Our testers have reported excellent results with the use of Sustain - stiffer, harder, more rigid erections and the ability to last beyond all expectation have been reported. We know that you will be pleased with this exciting product! Sustain is manufactured from the finest quality ingredients in the UK to our unique formula and represents excellent value.