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Wrong End Of The Stick

Wrong End Of The Stick Strictly English
Wrong End Of The Stick Strictly English
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In Wrong End Of The Stick, Sharon has been sent to Uncle Steve by her mum to be spanked for playing truant. However, when Steve Taylor hears that his niece has just been paddled on her bare bottom by a new teacher for no good reason, he is furious and phones the Headmaster. The Head says he will speak to the teacher involved, Miss Davis, but Steve is not satisfied and decides to go and confront the teacher himself. Sharon declines to come with him, saying she just wants to soak her sore bum in the bath. In the meantime the Headmaster confronts Miss Davis and instructs her to phone Mr. Taylor and apologize and then fetch the unauthorized paddle and await his return. She phones but the line is busy - Sharon is taking advantage of her Uncle's absence to use his phone while she luxuriates in his bath and helps herself to his brandy. When Steve arrives at the school he barges straight into the Head's office only to find Miss Davis waiting with the offending paddle. Realizing who she is, he threatens to give her a taste of her own medicine but she persuades him to hear her out first. After hearing her version of events he realizes that Sharon has tried to make a fool of him. Miss Davis advises a firm hand and even allows him to borrow the school cane. Now Sharon is really going to get it - from her Uncle, her teacher and her Headmaster - as between them they give this naughty young Miss a series of spankings and canings that she'll never forget. Miss Davis also gets some painful memories - a taste of her own medicine, from both the Headmaster and from Steve. Fine British spanking action!

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