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Wet & Spanked

Wet & Spanked Strictly English
Wet & Spanked Strictly English
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Wet & Spanked shows six of the best wet bottom spankings ever. In Wet Bottom 1, Tiffany Jones is caught in the act of swimming naked in a private swimming pool against the owner's permission. When she refuses to come out, he is made to go into the water himself to punish her. When Becky Jordan and Elizabeth Simpson take a shower together in Wet Bottoms 2 & 3, you know that spanking will be on the agenda somewhere. Here, for the first time ever, the scene is in full and without cuts. Later, we see both girls getting the slipper on very wet bottoms while kneeling in the bath. In Wet Bottom 4, Lucy Bailey falls in a large round bath, and then gets a most severe spanking. In Wet Bottom 5, Suzi Martell wets her panties. She is made to rinse them out, and then put them back on for a spanking on her wet bottom, followed by a good caning. In Wet Bottom 6, Stephanie is undergoing a day of punishment and housework. In the bathroom, she gets a severe spanking with a wicked-looking wooden bath brush. She is then made to put on a pair of soaking wet panties for a second session with a leather paddle. Harsh but fair? Cast: Tiffany Jones, Rebekah Jordan, Elizabeth Simpson, Lucy Bailey, Suzi Martell, Stephanie, Others