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Vengeance Extreme Associates
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Vengeance stars with an image of Rob Black pouring gasoline over a big sport-utility yupmobile, then smash cuts to Tom Byron and Jessica Darlin in a bedroom in the familiar fuck me - no I gotta go to work scenario. He splits, she masturbates. She draws a bath and skins into a strobe-lit black light where John West is aggressively fucking Alexandra Nice. At the end of their scene, Darlin - wide-eyed and open-mouthed - takes the facial, and then she's suddenly sucking the nozzle of the gas can! Black pours gas on her as she wakes up. The sex scenes come hard and fast after that, with Iroc doing Byron in his office while Darlin entertains Luciano and Van Damage at home. There are six sex scenes in all, with a lot of anal, a lot of rimming, Darlin getting double penetrated by Luciano and Damage, a girl/girl/girl with Darlin in the dream black light room. The big finish has Byron and Darlin reconciling in the back seat of a big sport-utility yupmobile, with the added tension of a hired hit man (Black), gas can in hand, waiting outside to do the deed after they finish doing the deed. Technically way above the standard, with stylized use of black-and-white and fuzzed images, and above-average editing as well. Cast: Jessica Darlin, Lizzie Border (Lizzy Borden), Taylor Moore, Tye, Heaven Leigh, Alexandra Nice, Iroc, Tom Byron, Luciano, Van Damage, Chris Cannon, John West; Robert Black (Non-Sex Role)