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Uniform Punishments

Uniform Punishments
Uniform Punishments Strictly English
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In the first scene of Uniform Punishments, a very pretty Japanese college girl, Meche, is caught by her tutor half out of her uniform, reading a spanking magazine For this she gets the cane on her very beautiful bare bottom. From the lack of any blemishes prior to the punishment and the livid marks left afterwards, one could imagine that this was her very first caning. Next you meet a very beautiful, slim and sultry nurse who is the matron at the same college as Meche and it seems that the spanking magazine came from her. In order to retrieve her magazine she first has to negotiate with the lecherous Janitor who was supposed to dispose of it. The price he demands is to give her a good long hard spanking. During the spanking that follows, the Janitor manages to get her out of most of her nurses uniform and gropes her unashamedly throughout the punishment. In the last, and longest vignette, the unfortunate good girl of the title has been picked on by the bad girl but both are sent to the head for fighting in school. While waiting for their punishments, the bad girl starts fighting again, but it is only a trick to swap notes so that when the good girl goes in for punishment, she will appear to have been the instigator and will be dealt with accordingly. The girls go in to be punished one at a time both are spanked and then given the tawse, and then sent to wait outside. At this point the 'good girl' realising that she has been tricked, goes for the bad girl. Unfortunately for her the head chooses that moment to come back out of his office and catches them fighting. He marches them back in for further punishment, the paddle followed by the cane. Canings and spankings throughout that you won't want to miss!

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