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Trust Me + The Red Rolls Royce

Trust Me + The Red Rolls Royce
Trust Me + The Red Rolls Royce Red Stripe
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Another superb British spanking dvd from the Red Stripe series. In Trust Me, Amanda is trying to persuade her workaholic husband Bill to take a holiday, but Bill wants to stay and complete a big business deal. They argue about it in bed and Amanda foolishly will not stop nagging him. Exasperated Bill hauls his wife out of bed and gives her bottom a good spanking. Amanda calls Bill's ex wife for advice, but that only gets Bill even more angry and he severely punishes both women, leaving them knickerless and with very red bottoms. In The Red Rolls Royce, an upper-class husband and wife arrive home in their Rolls annoyed because their young female chauffeur narrowly missed having an accident on the way. The elderly husband tells his wife in no uncertain terms that it is her job to discipline the servants, so the wife uses a leather strap and a cane to leave the pretty chauffeur in tears. Still annoyed at his spouse, the husband then administers similar punishment on his wife, turning her pert bottom from pink to bright scarlet.