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Transposed 6

Transposed 6
Transposed 6 Elegant Angel
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Style - gonzo, that is - plays a significant part in the enjoyment of Transposed 6. Director Lenny Travoni (identified as "Marcelo" on the disc) has some excellent camera moves that, with some refinement, could deliver a great-looking video, but as it stands, sometimes serves to confuse who's doing what to whom. But there are some lookers among the t-gals here, with the cutest showing up in the fourth (of seven) scenes. She's a decently-busty blonde who delivers a b.j. to her guy as he removes her corset. Then it's his term to rim her and fuck her ass doggie style. She then rides his cock in both directions, and the spoon anal flops over into a mish anal while she's jerking herself off. His own cumshot to her mouth completes the scene. There's plenty of action to be found here, in several different combinations to men, women and trannies, and it's all worth checking out. Cast: Danyelle Evangelista, Juliana, Julia Vidal, Gisele Prado, Elisangela Marques, Crisbel, Gessica De Olivera, Patricia Fernandes, Juliano Ferras, Maurinho Manson, Frank Lamos