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The New Head Girl

The New Head Girl
The New Head Girl Red Stripe
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Maria has just been appointed The New Head Girl and told that she must administer discipline to all the other girls in the school if they misbehave. Nicola and Natalie who are friends are talking about this in the garden. Nicola thinks she should have been made head girl and whilst they chat they begin smoking, and drinking wine from a bottle. Sarah, the deputy head girl, catches them and takes them off to report to Maria. As this is the first time she has been called upon to show her authority she is determined to set an example. Both girls are informed that they may expect a exemplary punishment and so it turns out. Maria begins by putting Nicola over her knees, for a spanking, firstly over her white school knickers, then on the bare bottom. Nicola is soon sobbing, partly from the soreness of her bottom, and partly from the humiliation of being spanked by a girl of her own age. Once Nicola's bottom is red and sore, she is told to stand in the corner, and Natalie takes her place. Like her friend, Natalie makes the mistake of complaining and so her spanking is even harder and goes on for much longer. Maria is even more determined to show her authority, and so decides to give both girls a good strapping on their bare bottoms, whilst bending over a chair. Natalie takes her punishment quite well, but Nicola is soon howling, crying, and jumping around. Once both girls have taken this part of their punishment, they hear the dreaded words, that they are both to receive the cane, and as is traditional the new head girl always canes the other girls severely, so her reputation is established. The caning that little Nicola receives has her hopping about, and jumping up and down, but is mild compared to the twenty-four strokes that are administered to Natalie's sore red bottom. This new head girl has certainly left her mark!