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The House Of Stern 2

The House Of Stern 2 Strand Media
The House Of Stern 2 Strand Media
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Housewife Suzanne is sent for a much-deserved discipline meeting with Mr Richardson in The House Of Stern 2. He has a way of dealing with naughty wives and delights in placing them over his knee, lowering their panties, and spanking them for all he's worth. Suzanne takes the spanking stoically though so he decides that a position where all her most private parts are on show should bring her down a peg or two. To end her session she is therefore bent over a table for a beating with his cane. Would-be thespians Channelle and Bettina get into the bad books of the producer of their latest stage play. He catches them making love wearing the beautiful 1950's costumes and underwear he had acquired for his production. They agree to punish each other with an over the knee spanking but, not satisfied with this, he decides to send them to a nasty minded acting coach who believes that the way to release a girl's full abilities is through applying lots of pain to her bottom. The poor girls take a thorough session of the strictest punishment ending with a caning which leaves their bottoms in no fit state to be sat upon for the next few days! (This item is in DVD-R format, and comes without a colour cover)