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The Head Girl's Mistake

The Head Girl's Mistake
The Head Girl's Mistake Red Stripe
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In The Head Girl's Mistake, there’s a new head girl at St Stripe’s and, when she catches one of the fifth formers smoking and bullying a younger girl, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Instead of reporting the incident to the headmaster, she orders the fifth former to the detention room. The head girl soon has the terrified, trembling little blonde over her knee, skirt pulled up to expose her white knickers, bottom ready for a spanking. However, the sound of the head girl’s hand slapping against the blonde girl’s bare flesh, along with her protests and cries, soon attracts attention. Suddenly, the door opens and the headmaster is standing there, confronted with the sight of the head girl enthusiastically administering a sound spanking. He halts the proceedings and demands to know what is going on. Upon hearing the story, he agrees a punishment is called for – but it is certainly not the head girl’s place to inflict it! The headmaster takes over and shows the head girl how it is done, leaving the younger girl a crying wreck with a bottom so sore she won’t be able to sit down for a week. Now, with his appetite whetted, he turns his attentions to the head girl. She, for her crimes, shall receive a more severe spanking and then she shall receive the cane. The headmaster is going to make a very sorry example out of her and it's one mistake she won't make again!