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Terri Summers' Teasers

Terri Summers' Teasers
Terri Summers' Teasers Your Choice
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Terri shares her fantasies in Terri Summers' Teasers, where she takes you on an erotic journey into a world of intimate self-pleasure and beauty. Two devilishly delicious divas from Dagenham, Emma and Sammy, are discussing the wicked flirtations of the previous evening by the pool. The evening sun kisses their bronzed bosoms and the sexual tension mounts as they begin to realise that it might be each other they really fancy. Emma and Sammy are only bi-curious, but the encounter, from the viewer's view, is intimate and genuinely innocent. By complete contrast, Sexy Silvie is de-Luxe by name and by design. Her waifish slenderness serves to dramatically emphasis her picture-perfect natural CC-cups. This rather artsy scene is shot in black and white. The stark images add power to her spectacularly carnivorous cock-sucking. Silvie fellates furiously, hunched over her lover's huge dick like a feral whore working oral magic. Those pretty peepers gazing at you from the box-cover are the soulful eyes of glamour model, Ms Sandy Cage. She strips beautifully, then waxes her divine Dutch body with a curious molten mixture - we don't know what it is, but several members of our company would have gladly licked it off. Leona Queen is perfectly proportioned and elegant - a Gothy gazelle. Stripping down to her little red string, she wanks herself off through the lace, while Terri directs. With her face flushing and her nipples puckering, for a moment she looks like she might molest the camera man, there's such a look of wildness in her post-orgasmic expression! Bubbly Brit Vicky Peach is a Goddess of 23-years with muffin-sized boobies. Her slender pear-shaped figure is a favourite type of many men and a romantic artist's dream model. Vicki is the kind of girl who is deliriously happy with her own horniness, and as her name suggests, she is sweet, juicy and tender. Vicki enjoys her masturbatory show and foot fetish fans will love it when her feet fly up in the air and she randily wriggles her toes with every injection of her brilliant buzzy love toy. The UK's sweet sweetheart Michelle Moist, addresses us from a window sill on which she is prettily perched. She's an angelic vision with her blonde tresses down to her waist, and her dress doesn't even begin to cover her panties! With her voice breathing husky prophecies, Michelle invites us to enjoy the sight of her naked, masturbating with her vibrating little black orgasm-bringer - and you will. Cutting to a new private location, Michelle unpacks yet another battery driven climax-cultivator and soon has it throbbing and smoothing the creases of her little, pink, English rose petal pussy. At this point her pussy reminds us why her name is Moist, although the name Michelle Monsoon, or Michelle Deafeningly-Sploshycunt might be more accurate. Michelle cums hard - several times! Foxy and Teresa are a genuine lesbian couple - hot and royally real. These sexily snarl-lipped, bad-ass, tattooed Dutch dykes are the Holy Grail for real lesbian lovers. A marvellous scene is rounded off with a mighty solo masturbation by Teresa. Terri Summers' Teasers is a special erotic pleaser! Cast: Michelle Moist, Sandy Cage, Vicki Peach, Leona Queen, Silvie de Luxe, Teresa du More, Foxy Angel, Emma, Sammy