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Tara's Naughty Friend

Tara's Naughty Friend
Tara's Naughty Friend Connoisseur CP
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We first met James and Tara Wentworth in Red Rolls Royce 2. In Tara's Naughty Friend, Tara's friend Linda arrives at the front door in a distressed state, having been thrown out of the house by her husband, Bill. It transpires that Linda has borrowed some money from her employers and has been discovered before she has repaid the loan. They are now threatening prosecution if this money is not repaid within twenty four hours. Tara comforts her, gives her a cheque and tells her she can stay in the house until things calm down. James returns from work and discovers the situation, which has all been arranged without his agreement. Tara is promptly put over James' knee and given a good spanking, then instructed to fetch the paddle, punishment strap and cane. The paddle is administered first, after the first stroke of the new strap, which obviously is extremely effective, she protests strongly but this is to no avail and she receives a sound strapping. Linda, meanwhile, has been informed that she will receive exactly the same punishment and has been watching with increasing concern. Her turn now comes to be put over James' knee for a spanking, followed promptly by the paddle and the strap. She is then told to stand and watch Tara being caned as an example of what is to come. James then proceeds to give Tara a thorough caning, firstly over a stool and finally touching her toes. Linda, suitably alarmed at what is imminent, is then given a similar caning. The girls are finally dispatched to commence household duties and prepare James' tea. However, he predicts that this is probably not the end of the story!