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Take Those Off Put These On

Take Those Off Put These On
Take Those Off Put These On Red Stripe
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Mrs Thomas has been over spending again in Take Those Off Put These On, and her husband has finally run out of patience. He phones up Mr Parsons who runs a school for wayward girls and wives. Once there she is informed that during her time at school she will be treated just like a little girl. She is told to change into a school uniform and the head girl is put in charge of her with permission to punish her. The head girl decides that her treatment should commence right away. She put the wayward Mrs Thomas over her knee lowers her knickers and gives her a good hard spanking. It is immediately apparent that this won't be enough, so she decides to administer the paddle and then the cane. Mrs Thomas is outraged and reports this to Mr Parsons. He demands an explanation from Elaine who tells him that Mrs Thomas was very disobedient and wouldn't do as she was told. The Headmaster agrees that Mrs Thomas deserved to be punished, but it is he, that administers the cane. He then takes Mrs Thomas through a further series of punishment culminating with a caning, he then spanks, paddles and canes the head girl for overstepping her authority!