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Sodomania 28

Sodomania 28
Sodomania 28 Elegant Angel
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Sodomania 28 has well-delivered dialogue by an assemblage of able-bodied (and minded) actors. Great chemistry between the players makes for some truly spectacular fucking, and baby, it shows. Randy Spears is pissed. He confronts Danielle Rogers as to why she's been feeding his impressionable teenage son garbage (something she denies). Spears then pulls out a mold of a dick and balls, accusing her of it being his son's, which she supposedly made (which she also denies). He's repulsed by this hussy before him - until she begins to stroke his dick through his pants. Her dulcet tones get him to drop trou in a flash; even spurring him to fuck the asshole of the rubber sex toy he was offended by only a few short moments before. Does anyone recall just how incredibly sexy a woman's voice can be... coaxing the listener to do naughty things? Ah yes, how it stimulates the gray matter into kicking those old hormones into mach overdrive. A close-shorn Jon Dough patronizes one of those "glamour photo" places in order to get some sexy pics by "photographer" Blondie Anderson for wifey-poo. Getting Dough to loosen up, Anderson eventually has him undress, then teases him by masturbating. Dough's excitement over fucking this natural-titted cherub leads to a quick blowing of his own wad - but he recovers instantly to do her again before spewing onto her dainty toes, which she pulls fetchingly into her mouth to suck upon. The last vignette is the real hottie here, folks. Erstwhile brake mechanic Alex Sanders goes after petulant Phaedra Alexis for withholding payment for services rendered. The obsidian-orbed beauty is at first petulant, and pulls a gun on him, telling him it's she who's to collect for services rendered - of the sexual kind. Been many a blue moon since we've seen this kind of genuine, eyeball-rolling, carpet-clawing passion between two warm bodies. Judges, pre-nom this one as a strong contender for Best Couples scene, after you wipe the sweat from your brows (and crotches). This highly-rated series' history speaks for itself, and this is one hell of a strong entry. Cast: Danielle Rogers, Phaedra Alexis, Phyllisha Anne, Blondie Anderson, Suzy Q, Jane, Alison, Amanda, Randy Spears, Jon Dough, John Walton, Mark Davis, Mike Foster, Alex Sanders, Brockton O'Toole