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Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors Extreme Associates
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Luis Cypher doesn't do things the way most porn makers do. His blend of edgy stories and well shot straight to the point sex are a good blend of smut and sleaze that is just strange enough to keep us interested while still providing enough whack off material. Of course, having his wife, Jessica Darlin, in every movie doesn't hurt since she is a one woman jerk off party waiting to happen. Smoke & Mirrors starts with Jessica drooling all over herself as she struggles to take Lee Stone's monster dick. He then pushes her onto her back and sticks that dick up her tight ass and pounds her. This great anal is capped off by perfectly taken facial. Mickey G drags Lola into the bedroom, apologizing profusely. Apparently she was babysitting his child and he thought something was amiss. That's a pretty creepy set up. After sucking him hard and calling him daddy, Lola spreads her thighs for the fat head of Mickey's cock. Her fingers work double time on her clit as he fills her with meat. Lola is as enthusiastic as ever and really loves every stroke. He shoots his load into her pussy, then gathers it on his fingers and feeds it to his naughty babysitter. Next up is a cute hooker who has been hired to please Mark Wood. After some initial conversation with his buddy, Mark leans back and lets the girl do what she's been paid to do. Gino Greco and Barbie are next with a spirited bout of squat fucking before they go to their sides while Barbie takes it up the ass. Illona sucks Brian Surewood's cock and quickly gets rid of her clothes so that he can pump her full of his pink prick resulting in really nice facial. For the finale Jessica takes on Mr. Marcus and Billy Glide at the same time. Kneeling between both dicks, Jessica goes nuts, nearly choking herself on hard cock. Marcus fucks her first, making the sexy blonde scream out as he pounds her from behind. The guys change partners and the dance continues with Jessica getting plugged at both ends before Jessica's ass gets filled with black and white cock at the same time. After taking both big dicks in that tiny ass, she gets back on her knees to finish things off with two big loads of cream for her pretty face. Cast: Jessica Darlin, Lola, Barbie Blazer, Brittany Blue, Illona, Lee Stone, Mickey G, Mr. Marcus, Billy Glide, Brian Surewood, Mark Wood