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Sister Act 2

Sister Act 2
Sister Act 2 Red Stripe
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Anna and Sophie, those two naughty sisters are in trouble again in Sister Act 2, and have been sent to their strict Uncle Jack to be punished. In order to avoid their punishment, they tell Uncle Jack that their mummy has been spending the money he has been giving her to help with their upbringing on herself. This does not get them out of their richly deserved punishment, but makes Uncle Jack determined to deal with his extravagant sister, after he has dealt with his naughty nieces. He begins by giving Anna, who is the youngest sister, a very hard, over-the-knee hand spanking on her bare bottom. This is immediately followed by an even harder dose of the strap, which reduces the naughty schoolgirl to tears. Her bottom becoming more and more red, as the leather strap continues to rain down on her. Very soon, Anna finds herself bending over and touching her toes for thirty severe strokes of the cane. Next it is the turn of her older sister who knows that she is likely to be treated even more severely, as she is the oldest, and should know better. She has lied to Uncle Jack and told him that she is doing really well at work, where in reality, she has been sacked. This calls for an exemplary punishment and the spanking she receives soon has her imploring her uncle to be lenient, a plea which of course he ignores. The spanking is quickly followed by a severe strapping, which poor Sophie knows is a prelude to the cane. When it comes, it proves to be very severe, and leaves the older sister in tears. At this point, Mummy arrives to take the girls home. What a surprise she's in for. When confronted with the information that she has been squandering her allowance, her strict brother tells her she too is to be punished. She doesn't really have a choice and she is dealt with in exactly the same way as her daughters, but even more severely. Once Mummy has received her punishment, Uncle Jack gives Sophie a further caning then instructs the girls to inform him if mummy misbehaves in the future. At the close, three very contrite young ladies leave, knowing that all three are liable to have to visit Uncle Jack again! Sister Act 2 is British discipline at his harshest!