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Sister Act 1

Sister Act 1
Sister Act 1 Red Stripe
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Anna and Sophie are sisters in Sister Act 1. Anna is the elder and has a good job. Sophie is still at school, and they both live at home with their mum. Because their dad is no longer around, and their mum can't cope with them, whenever they have been naughty, they have to go round to their uncle Jack's house where he punishes them. In this case, they have stayed out late, causing their mum to worry about them, and when they return, they are the worse for drink. They are instructed to go round to Uncle Jack to be punished the next day. They arrive and try to divert uncle Jack's attention,. Very soon he puts his younger niece over his knee, and after lifting her school skirt, he begins spanking her, over her school knickers. They are quickly taken down, and the spanking continues on her bare bottom, which rapidly turn to a bright shade of red. The punishment of Sophie continues, and she soon finds herself bending over a chair to receive a good strapping. Her squeals turn to sobs, as her strict uncle applies his leather strap to her sore bottom. She is then told to remove her knickers completely, and bend over, touching her toes for a hard caning. The caning Sophie receives is very hard and consists of thirty strokes, which leaves her in tears. The girls are instructed to change places, and Sophie reluctantly sits on the stool, whilst Anna even more reluctantly places herself over uncle Jack's knees. The spanking she receives is longer and harder than her sister received, and so is her strapping. We are treated to the sight of two beautiful red sore and bare bottoms poking out, whilst observing uncle Jack, applying many hard strokes of his cane to Anna's bottom.