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Setting An Example

Setting An Example Red Stripe
Setting An Example Red Stripe
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In Setting An Example, gym teacher Miss Thompson's most difficult pupil is Wendy. She never works or does as she's told. Finally Miss Thompson loses her patience. After a particulary difficult lesson she brings Wendy into a classroom where she intends to punish her. She begins by making the pretty young student do some of the exercises she should have done during her gym lesson. It soon becomes obvious that Wendy doesn't intend to do anything so Miss Thompson begins to punish her. She starts to give her a spanking and is just getting into her stride when the headmaster walks in. He tells Miss Thompson off for exceeding her authority and takes over Wendy's punishment himself. The lazy girl is given a further spanking followed by a good strapping. Wendy is cheeky to the headmaster, it seems she can't help herself. The stern gentlemen decides there's only one option - Wendy must be caned, and caned she is.