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Royal Flush

Royal Flush Strictly English
Royal Flush Strictly English
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Spankings galore are in store for the girls in Royal Flush! Karen and Michelle are sisters living with their Uncle Tony. Every Friday night, Tony has a poker game with his pals Jim and Rob. Michelle also plays if she is not going out but her younger sister Karen is out clubbing and, as usual, is late getting home. Tony is very cross because this is the first time she has been allowed out since being grounded for a week for coming home late. He tells her that seen as grounding does not seem to have worked she is going to get a spanking. She protests that she is too old to be spanked. He tells her that as long as she lives under his roof she is not too old to be spanked and when she continues to protest he makes it worse for her by putting her over his knee and spanking her in front of everybody! Any self-respecting red-bottom enthusiast will not want to miss this!