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Report To Miss Parker

Report To Miss Parker
Report To Miss Parker Red Stripe
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Miss Parker is the most feared teacher at St Stripes girls school. Two naughty students Report To Miss Parker for punishment, and it's just their bad luck that she is the duty teacher that day. When they realise that she will be dealing with them, they become very nervous, as they have been punished by this formidable lady before. Miss Parker enters the punishment room and immediately becomes cross when she discovers that the girls are lounging about, and are not correctly prepared for their punishment. She informs them that they may expect extra punishment for this oversight. Their teacher has recommended that both girls should be caned, and to this Miss Parker decides to add her own severe punishment. She begins with a hand spanking for both girls - and that alone is enough to get both girls howling, but it certainly is not enough for Miss Parker. Eventually, after a severe and thorough beating, both girls promise never to misbehave again!