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Relative Temptations

Relative Temptations
Relative Temptations Strictly English
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In Relative Temptations, Debbie has asked her widowed brother-in-law, Paul, if she can come and stay at his house for a while to help her get over a bad relationship. It seems that she looks upon Paul as a father figure, and we soon learn that she has always fantasized about him spanking her (as he had often threatened to do when she was a troublesome teenager). Once settled in at Paul's house, Debbie begins to tease him. She wanders around the house, with almost nothing on, and when he takes no notice of her she decides to provoke him until she gets a response. In the end he threatens to spank her and her response is to say that maybe he should do just that. Although at first reluctant, he puts Debbie over his knee and gives her mild (and rather erotic) spanking. This is not enough for Debbie and when Paul lets her up, she continues to push him until she goes too far. She is put back over Paul's knee, only this time the spanking is not erotic. It's a proper punishment!

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