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Perverted Sluts

Perverted Sluts
Perverted Sluts Fetish Artcore
English + Others
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Director Sebastian Solo gives you some really Perverted Sluts, with the first being the innocent Elvira Friis who is abducted by Sebastian Solo, taken to his basement and held captive for his pleasure. When left alone, Elvira quickly finds out what she can do to pass the time, but should she be discovered by her captor, who knows what he might do to her little fragile body. Rubber doll Frejadottir puts herself into the proud and perverted hands of Sebastian Solo for untold orgasms, face fucking and ultimately a hard brutal fisting. Frejadottir explodes and squirts as Sebastian drills her dripping cunt with his large penetrating fists. Frejadottir begs him for more until she almost faints from exhaustion. Swedish beauty Felicia Brottom gets spoiled on the infamous Sybian machine. You can tell it's her first time trying by her surprised look as the power is turned on. Orgasm flows into orgasm as the Sybian takes her virginity and soon after she is begging for a hard cock to fuck her throat as she scream in ecstasy with cum dripping from her chin. Sebastian Solo gives you very kinky perversions! Cast: Elvira Friis, Sebastian Solo, Frejadottir, Felicia Brottom