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Pain & Pleasure 3

Pain & Pleasure 3 Kanda Productions
Pain & Pleasure 3 Kanda Productions
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Self-assured MK thrills Avalon's skin with a fine-tailed flogger working up to strap-leather cats to begin Pain & Pleasure 3. Avalon rolls her eyes in ecstasy and starts to breathe heavily before MK rudely pinkens her posterior with his paddle. When he takes his horsewhip to her back a look of joyous excitement spreads across her face. Bek is tied in exotic knots by Mr Black, deftly pinching her flesh with his macrame as he totally trusses the trusting maiden. Lying her on her front with her legs tied in half and her toes tied together, Mr Black does with her as he will. He pushes a pink dick on a stick deep into her juiced-up vagina and holds an industrial strength vibrator against her squirming clit until she erupts. Charlotte has been very naughty, judging by the spanking she is receiving. Mr Black shows her zero mercy, not letting up on tempo or intensity as he has her over his knee. She cums just from the spanking and then again, sitting on Mr Black's lap as he spanks her pussy. Emma-Louise is bound standing in spread-eagle. She bears the marks of masochism experiences on her breasts. Mr Black torments her small tits with suction cups and his talented repertoire includes a strong electrical zapper with which he shocks her fluttering flesh before finishing her off with a vibrator. Jojo is suspended in a harness in mid-air. Her exposed pussy is clamped and teased with a prickle-wheel by meticulous Mr Black. Her tits are rope-restrained and spitefully clamped as he nuzzles her hugely swollen clit with a buzzing hand-tool and fucks her with another, using the motion of the hammock to impale her cunt on a variety of dildos until she is flushed and breathless. Miki hangs from the ceiling in a leather sling. MK teases her by lightly running his fingers over her belly then suddenly grabbing a handful of her soft cunt in his rough hand. Her whole body begins to judder uncontrollably as he clamps her lips. He attaches a heavy chain to her pierced clitoris and places the other end in her mouth. Her suffering is prolonged by pussy flogging. Lain on her back with her ankles chained to the ceiling Miki is ready for Mr Black, who flogs her pitilessly then penetrates her arsehole with a buzzing tool whilst vibrating her clit. Miki is really a screamer - you may want to turn the volume down when she cums! Cast: Avalon, Bek, Emma-Louise, Jo-Jo, Charlotte, Miki, Others