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More Trannie Trouble

More Trannie Trouble
More Trannie Trouble Dom Promotions
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There is More Trannie Trouble when these tasty trannies get punished by professional dommes and domme trannies with lots of spanking, caning, strap-on action, hair pulling, rimming, fingering and cock sucking throughout. The two trannies in the opener have their bare arses thrashed with a cane by a delicious chocolate mama who is dressed entirely in black latex. Another blonde trannie is forced to suck life into a man's limp cock, as he sits passively in a black gimp mask. Bent over the table in the dungeon, her arsehole is tongue fucked by the gimp guy and he in turn is arse fucked with a strap-on by the dominant mistress. An ageing cock in a frock stands with his skirt lifted sporting an impressive pierced cock. He is subjected to pain and humiliation by his two tormentors as they bend him over and spank and cane his bare arse until it glows an angry red. A trannie maid is caught sucking a black dildo, so his mistress decides that if he wants it so much, he can have it - and slams it into his puckered chute. Two ageing trannies dressed in stockings and suspenders chew on each other's limp cocks with the aim of blowing some life into their flaccid appendages. A spectacular transvestite orgy finale brings More Trannie Trouble to a close, with Michelle, a Filipino cock sucking slut, taking centre stage. She wanks, blows and tickles any cock that comes her way as she moves across a writhing sea of suspender wearing trannies! Cast: Mistress Cerise, Mistress Gemma, Nansie, Alice, Mel, Mistress Whipps, Joanna, Joanne Whitehead, Milly, Stephany