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Mistress Angel Of Bristol

Mistress Angel Of Bristol
Mistress Angel Of Bristol Dom Promotions
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Full figured, feminine and fearless are words that describe Mistress Angel Of Bristol. At her fully equipped UK chambers, Mistress Angel plies her trade in pain and humiliation! Her day begins with a naked slave on the cold floor. Commanded to lick her boots, he complies meekly before he is tied to a bed and his legs are held aloft. Hot wax is dripped onto his hairless body then pegs are attached to his limp cock and balls. With his arms tied behind him using an intricate lattice of rope, Mistress Angel hangs weights from his bollocks. Then, tying him to a vaulting horse, his skinny arse is spanked with a paddle, leather straps and a headmistress' cane - turning his cheeks a glowing red! Leaving him to wallow in self-pity, Mistress Angel is joined by her partner in pain, Mistress Scarlett, and the two of them wrap Sparty in rolls of pink and black sticky tape. Completely immobile, they then encase him in cling film. Not stopping there, the doms continue to cut off his air supply by encasing his head in cling film, only poking a small hole through to his mouth so he can breathe. They verbally humiliate Sparty - making fun of him as they play lipstick hangman on his body. They eventually free him from his cocoon and he is taken to the dungeon where he is ordered into a rubber sack with only a tiny pipe to breathe. The air is sucked out in an instant - leaving him vacuum packed like a raw steak at the supermarket! Mistress Angel Of Bristol certainly draws a warped hedonistic pleasure from the pain she inflicts! Cast: Mistress Angel, Mistress Scarlet, Sparty, Maid Gemma