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Misbehaviour Red Stripe
Misbehaviour Red Stripe
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Jennings and Gregory are waiting to see the Headmaster in Misbehaviour. Jennings is first to be called in and is very nervous. She has been caught playing truant, lied about it and must be punished. With a minimum of preamble, she is put over Mr Thompson's knee for a very hard spanking, first on her navy blue knickers then on her bare bottom. She is soon sobbing, but this being a very tough school her punishment is by no means over. She is instructed to stand in the corner, her skirt tucked up, her knickers down, with her hands on her head. Mr Thompson continues to spank her. When she thinks she can take no more, she is told to bend over a high stool where she is given thirty strokes with a leather strap. Her pretty little bottom becomes even redder and her pleas become even more urgent. Finally she is awarded eighteen strokes of the cane. When she is eventually dismissed she is in tears and furiously rubbing her bottom. She tells Gregory that Mr Thompson is ready for her, but waits outside the study to listen to Gregory's punishment. Gregory has been bullying some of the younger girls and as befits an older and naughtier girl she is given an even harder spanking, both over Mr Thompson's knee and standing up. When it comes to the strap, Gregory is awarded even more strokes than the newer girl. After Mr Thompson is satisfied that Gregory has received an adequate strapping, he brings his cane out and awards her eighteen strokes. Both girls think their punishment is over, but when they report back to him a little while later, they both have to bend over and touch their toes for another six hard strokes of the cane.