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Luciano R.I.P.

Luciano R.I.P.
Luciano R.I.P. Extreme Associates
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What's in a name, you say? In porn, pretty much everything. So when orgy fuckboy Mike Long became Luciano, the face of at least two destinies were inexorably linked - Long's and Extreme Associates, who baptized him in blood. Long has since departed the company fold, hence the title of this compilation - Luciano R.I.P. The five scenes on view here also offer a pretty good take on Long's video bipoloarism where he could go from being good guy to bad in a snap. His scene with Katie Morgan is one of his and Extreme's little crowning achievements - dorky, funny and quite entertaining. Morgan's attempting to pass a driving test and Long is the exasperated DMV martinet who, by the time Morgan's through with the right turn signal, is ready for either a sedative or seduction. He chooses the latter when he faces Katie with the facts that she's way to dumb to ever consider getting behind a wheel but is willing to give her one last stickshift test. That is something Katie obviously understands as she gives Looch the ride of his life. Definitely worth checking out. But first up is a scene with Dominica Leone and Luciano in a threeway. Looch's cock and balls are serviced extensively as he squats over Dominica's face then slides in her ass via the sidesaddle. Next comes a rectal wincing double penetration from the front and the rear which results in a layer of goo being deposited on her hindquarters then fed it to her via a spoon. Also featured in this ensemble are Jessica Darlin, Heather Lynn and Justine Romee who appear together in a scene with Long where he lines them up like three pigs in a blanket. The smorgasbord assembly line consists of ass-eating, ass-fingering and the finger sampling of said stink finger. Long allows himself to be serviced orally prior to last call for anal. Lynn gets it in the ass side saddle. Jessica's nailed in the reverse cowgirl position while Justine whoops and hollers in the cowgirl. All smiles, Kristi Love then gets worked over digitally, then ass-reamed from three positions before taking a smiling faceful of cum from Long. The wrapup scene is one from Zupko's Ass Clowns 2 where Friday's in the middle of doing dishes and Long is in the middle of doing her ass with a great close-up of a side saddle. Friday's then-boyfriend assists in the double penetration. Cast: Friday, Katie Morgan, Kristi Love, Justine Romee, Heather Lynn, Jessica Darlin, Dominica Leone