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Little Red Apples

Little Red Apples Strictly English
Little Red Apples Strictly English
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Little Red Apples opens as two young girls dressed in gymslips and plimsoles, decide to risk trespassing on private land so they can help themselves to some ready-to-eat juicy red apples. The scrumping has barely began before the furious farmer catches one of the girls and sets about administering some severe handslapping punishment to the girl's bottom. She is soon joined by her friend for the same punishment until both of them are sent their way, sorry and sore. But some girls never learn and they foolishly decide to strip down their panties for a dip in the swimming pool and a playful bit of lesbian fun.The problem is, they are caught again, but this time the owner of the pool is not so easy on pair of naughty girls as the farmer was. He administeres a jolly good spanking and caning that both girls will not forget in a hurry!