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Lesbilicious Viewers' Wives

Lesbilicious Viewers' Wives
Lesbilicious Viewers' Wives Your Choice
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Wow, Jess and Lola are a dream-duo cum true in the opener of Lesbilicious Viewers' Wives! When Jess sticks her fingers into Lola's tiny tight teenage twat, the cameraman speaks for all of us when he says "Ooh." like he's just cum! Bi-curious teenage best friends Nicola and Anita, intertwine tongues and clits until they melt into one. Laura and Sindi are American lesbians in Chatham who've reached the boiling point of attraction. Laura is pleasingly sturdy, but it is impish Sindi who takes the lead. A ripe sapphic couple celebrate ten years of love - Cazy wields a wicked strap-on before she douses Joan with pee. Rachel and Haylee are two soft-skinned blonde Wolverhampton babes who, after some shyness, try out toys each on each other's extremely tight pink twats. Two smiling beauties from Essex are a joy to watch. Christine and Denise take their time stimulating themselves, cumming loudly in a turbulent sea of tanned thighs and pointy-pert breasts. Layla and Karin are ripe romantic Londoners. It is the couple's fantasy to be filmed in the act, showing off how well they know each other's bodies. Mel and Candy, two big horny Mancunian muff-munchers, enjoy a roll in the hay with their pet vibrator. Sarah and Crystal with lesbian pair Lisa and Georgina are in what looks like a lezz-off. Actually, it's a lesbian master class, as MILF-tastic pros Lisa and Georgina teach teeny amateurs Sarah and Crystal. Monica, Claire, Bibi and Mouse - cheeky Portsmouth girlies - are lined up so we can compare their bare botties. The four girls burst into sapphic sexual shenanigans. Mature ladies Ann and Celeste begin a kinky evening in Cornwall. Celeste is already tied to the bed and Ann is busy with more rope and giggling rather maniacally. Celeste goes on a journey she, nor you, will never forget. Horny Carmen sweetly kisses Kim awake. The young Surrey couple met on holiday and can't get enough of each other. Jade and Nicola are apparently sisters. No words pass between them as they fuck each other's taut twats. Occasionally they smile at the heavy-breathing cameraman, then continue to eat each other. Liverpudlian ladies, Emma and Claire show uniform lovers what happens when French Maid meets Schoolgirl. Charlotte and Janet are in Thailand. The holiday romance for two big titted English adventurers, results in making the most of a black rubber dick. Mancunian maidens Kelly and Axa are all slithering tongues and jerking hips. The bad-assed blondes give us a grand finale -pissing into a plastic cup and drinking the contents. Crystal and Loz are a true dominant and submissive lifestyle couple, indulging in aggressive, scary sex, their astonishing feats include anal footwork and peeing in a funnel up the bum! These seventeen gems are a top sparkling selection full of lesbian and bi-curious events which viewers have captured and sent to Your Choice. It's all here - your wives and girlfriends in the ultimate reality show that is Lesbilicious! Cast: Alex, Axa Jay, Cazy, Chelsea, Crystel-Lei, Georgina Smith, Hilary South, Jess West, Karleene Morgan, Layla, Loz, Megan Coxxx, Mouse, Sarah-Jane, Others