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Leg Sex Double Feet-ure

Leg Sex Double Feet-ure Viv Thomas
Leg Sex Double Feet-ure Viv Thomas
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Leg Sex Double Feet-ure includes the two Viv Thomas' AVN award winning foot and leg fetish movies Leg Sex In The Sun and Leg Sex Dream, both n one sex-packed disc. In Leg Sex In The Sun, Roxanne Hall is on holiday at her parent's villa in Spain. The gardener spunks on her feet while house is asleep sunbathing. Her friend Felicia joins her and while she is asleep, the horny gardener sniffs her feet too! A plan is hatched between the girls to get their revenge on the guy for cumming on them without their knowledge. This leads to the girls smelling each other's feet after a game of tennis, followed by toe sucking and a wild fuck scene with the gardener! Ava Lustra has shapely legs, graceful arches and big boobs. Her body is ample and muscular, with thighs that could crush and smother. She spends the first minutes of Leg Sex Dream showing off her delicate feet while tiptoe-ing around town in clear, plastic, spike-heeled mules, before getting naked, leaping on her bidet, spreading her pussy lips wide and pissing. She then licks the inside of her shoes, sniffs her feet, sucks her toes, and gets into the bathtub to shave her legs, toes, and pussy. Following her bath, Ava has an afternoon lie-down, where her vivid dreams of poolside pussy-licking, toe-sucking, leg massaging, and hot oil rubdowns make her moan. Ava's masturbatory fantasies are detailed through grandiose flashback sequences. The lighting and camerawork are exceptional, and Ava's tanned body is a joy to watch. She employs a plug-in vibrator, arches her feet, and dreams of exotic locations and friendly, attractive partners. The first gal to make an appearance in her daydream is a petite brunette. Ava picks her up hitchhiking and the two of them get naked on a chaise lounge next to a swimming pool. The women are very enthusiastic toe-suckers and ass-lickers, and their gorgeous bodies are well-oiled. In the background, another sunbather gets hot and bothered, but she does not join in. Later, Ava dreams of a boat ride where she wears shiny, tight pantyhose and caresses the soles of Kerry Mathews, who is wearing thigh-high nude hose with seams and Cuban heels. As the anchored vessel bobs up and down in the waves, Ava goes on a worthwhile investigation down under. While thigh-high hose provide easy access, Kerry's mission is to destroy the crotch of Ava's hose with her teeth and to bite her toes through the nylon. This leads to a window-lit scene in bed, where Ava fucks Kerry with a strap-on before finding anal beads that match her red toenails perfectly and plunging them, bead by bead, into Kerry's well-oiled anus with her big toe. The tape finishes off in a cafe. Ava spills a bit of gassy water on her foot and forces the young waiter to lick it clean, suck and bite her toes, and chomp on the heel of her stiletto mules. The dominant footmistress demands to feel the waiter's hard cock with the bottom of her pretty foot before letting him fuck her on the table next to the plates. Though this final scene contains fucking, and the girl/girl scenes are all hardcore, the focus of this beautifully produced tape is on the feet. During all sexual activity, the lens of the camera roams south to show squirming toes and arching insteps. Feet are depicted both as tender, sensitive erogenous zones and as tools of domination. Definitely more mainstream than most foot fetish tapes, Leg Sex Dream is appropriate for those with an interest in feet, but not an obsession. Attention to detail, along with a variety of footwear and leg lingerie, gorgeous bodies, and great locations make this dvd a standout, and may convince fans of other body parts to go for the toes. Cast: Felecia, Kerry Matthews, Ava Lustra, Roxanne Hall, Others

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