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Just Another Day At St Stripes 3

Just Another Day At St Stripes 3
Just Another Day At St Stripes 3 Red Stripe
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Just Another Day At St Stripes 3 is the last part of this superb corporal punishment, schoolgirl caning video trilogy. Following on from the punishment of Nicole and Emily by Miss Robinson, and Sarah and Samantha by Miss Chambers, we now come to the punishment of Natalie and Susan by the strict disciplinarian, Miss Brown. They too visited the nightclub, and in addition, Natalie stole a book belonging to one of the other girls. Natalie vehemently denies stealing the book, even though it was discovered in her locker. Miss Brown it seems has already made up her mind to discipline them and administer an exemplary punishment to Natalie but first she decides to deal with Susan. Susan receives a spanking as only Miss Brown can administer, and this makes poor Natalie vary nervous, as she knows the she is going to receive a much more severe punishment. Very soon Susan is bending over the desk to receive the strap, and Miss Brown doesn't hold back, but then she never does. The other girls who are watching this punishment are told by Miss Brown to stand up, and bend over their desks, with their skirts up, and their knickers around their knees. When Miss Brown picks up the cane, poor Susan begins to tremble, and when she receives the first few strokes of her caning, the tears begin to flow, and who can blame her? In all, the cane swishes down twenty five times on an already sore and red bottom.. A good schoolgirl caning. It's now Natalie's turn to go over Miss Browns knees for the hardest spanking of all, which is quickly followed by an equally severe strapping, but that is nothing in comparison to the caning which Miss Brown administers amid tears and protestations. When Miss Brown is satisfied with the discipline dispenced, and it takes a lot to satisfy Miss Brown, that Natalie has been properly dealt with, Miss Robinson administers some extra punishment of her own. At the conclusion of Natalie's caning, all six girls are instructed to stand in a line bending over, their skirts up, and their knickers around their knees, whilst the three teachers, and the headmaster examine six very sore striped bottoms of the caned girls. An action packed corporal punishment movie.

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