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It's So Embarrassing

It's So Embarrassing
It\'s So Embarrassing Red Stripe
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In It's So Embarrassing, Gary and Jackie are a genuine married couple who are into CP and use it in their everyday lives. They have a daughter called Joanne. One day Joanne comes home from school looking very miserable - it seems she has been spanked by her teacher Miss Perkins, and it's all Jackie's fault. We see Joanne receiving her spanking in flashback. Gary decides that Jackie must be punished, and to make it even more embarrassing for her, he tells her he intends to carry out her punishment in front of their daughter. When Jackie protests, he tells her to phone Miss Perkins to tell her what is going to happen to her. Miss Perkins insists on being there to witness Jackie's punishment, and Gary thinks that's a great idea. So Gary sends Jackie up to the bedroom to change into her punishment outfit, and when she returns to the lounge Joanne and Miss Perkins are sitting on the sofa waiting for her punishment to begin. We see Jackie receive a hard hand spanking, followed by a spanking with the hairbrush. After that Gary decides it's time for Jackie to receive the strap, and all the while Gary makes sure that both Joanne and Miss Perkins are watching, which makes the punishment even harder to bear. Finally its the cane, Jackie knows that she deserves it, and even though she protests, she bends over and touches her toes to receive twenty four strokes. Because she tries to get up during her caning Gary gives her extra stokes, and at the end he sends her to stand in the comer with her red, sore bottom on display. Miss Perkins gets up to leave, but Gary has other ideas. He berates her for spanking his daughter without asking his permission, and decides she too must be punished. After much protests, Miss Perkins is also spanked, strapped, and caned. Finally he tells Joanne that she isn't going to get away with it, and even though she has already received a very hard spanking at Miss Perkin's hands, she also gets spanked and has to take a dose of the strap. All three, sore and tearful young women, are sent to stand in the corner, their skirts raised, their knickers down, and their bottoms on display.