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It's In The Contract

It's In The Contract
It\'s In The Contract Red Stripe
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Mr Kent owns some properties which he lets out to tenants. When they fall behind with the rent, Mr Kent has his own way of dealing with this problem in It's In The Contract. Sarah is a new tenant who like all the others, has not read the contents of the lease in which Mr Kent clearly states that if the tenants rent goes into arrears, she must leave immediately or accept corporal punishment. Mr Kent makes the punishment as embarrassing as possible, always trying to administer the spankings and canings in front of an audience. Today there are two girls in trouble. One has lived there for some time, and knows the score. The other is Sarah and she has no idea what is going to happen to her. The two girls meet outside Mr Kent's flat and Tina - the girl who has lived there for some time - starts to explain the procedure. Sarah is shocked, and says she will not allow herself to be treated in this way. Tina shrugs her shoulders and says that she will have to accept the punishment or be thrown out. Both girls enter Mr Kent's flat where he shows Sarah a copy of her contract. He tells her that if she chooses, she can leave or take a good hiding.. He tells Sarah that if she accepts her punishment he will include extra for these contraventions of her lease. Poor Sarah, what can she do? She has no money to pay off the arrears, and no place to go. In desperation, she agrees to take her punishment. Before she is dealt with, Mr Kent thinks it's a good idea to punish Tina so that Sarah knows what she is letting herself in for. Tina has been subjected to this treatment before and prepares herself without being told. She is given a though spanking, which she tries to take as stoically as possible. However she knows that Mr. Kent doesn't like girls to suffer in silence, and eventually he will make her cry. Once she starts crying she knows that the next and more severe part of her punishment will commence. She is then given a very hard strapping, and finally Mr Kent canes her. It is now time for Sarah's punishment to begin. Having seen what Tina did, she tries to do the same. She lifts her skirt and places herself over Mr Kent's knees. Mr Kent begins to spank her over her knickers then, amidst much protest, he pulls them down and continues the spanking on her bare bottom,. Once Sarah begins to cry he stands her up, gives her the strap, and finally the cane.