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Hard Lines

Hard Lines
Hard Lines Red Stripe
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In Hard Lines, Miss Brown has found out that Sarah and Chanel have been misbehaving in the changing rooms at another school during a swimming competition. They were seen in the changing rooms, doing what young ladies ought not to be doing. She confronts the girls, and even though they deny any wrongdoing, being the strict disciplinarian she is, Miss Brown decides to punish them anyway. Both girls are given a very sound bare bottom spanking, and poor Chanel who protests, is smacked on the backs of her thighs. Miss Brown is really cross with both of the girls, so she bends them over their desks to receive the strap. As the strap continues to descend, their bottoms become more and more red, and their cries become more and more plaintive. Still the strict Miss Brown is not satisfied, she doesn't think the girls are really sorry for their misbehaviour. The girls know that when Miss Brown thinks they deserve more corporal punishment, the only punishment that she thinks is suitable for them, is a good, hard caning, which they dread. Firstly Chanel is made to bend over the desk where she is given eighteen hard strokes of the cane. During the punishment she protests again, and is awarded extra strokes. Poor Chanel is sobbing bitterly, but Miss Brown is unmoved. With one schoolgirl caned, it's Sarah's turn, who is already in tears even before her caning begins. She knows it's no use arguing, so she bends over to take her punishment as stoically as possible, which in the event, is not very stoically. She too is given a very hard caning, and the stripes on her bottom, attest to Miss Brown's expertise when caning.