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Dvd Format Info

Although Dvd is a common worldwide format, there are some problems that can occur in buying dvds in one continent and playing them in another. This page will hopefully help to explain those problems to all our customers, wherever they reside.


Regional Coding has no relevance to the purchase of adult porn dvds, as all adult dvds have no regional coding (sometimes called "Region 0") so they can be sold and can be played worldwide. All the dvds we supply therefore have no regional coding.


There are differences however in the television systems in various areas of the world.

PAL (Phase Alternating Line) is the television system used in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and India.

NTSC (National Television System Committee) is the television system used in the United States, Canada and Japan.

As a result a dvd is manufactured to play either using the PAL system, or using the NTSC system. The format (PAL or NTSC) is given for every dvd on this website in the detailed information for that dvd.

To decide if you can play PAL and NTSC dvds, please read the following section.


Your Dvd Player

Many of the dvds on this site are in PAL format, but many (mainly those of US origin) are in NTSC format. Virtually all modern dvd players on sale in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Europe will play both PAL and NTSC discs. If you have any doubts about your dvd player's ability to play NTSC discs, take a look at your dvd manual and look for the phrase "NTSC Playback".

If your dvd player does not have the NTSC playback facility and you want to build up a collection of adult dvds, we would recommend purchasing a new dvd player. Even the budget dvd players in the £30 to £50 price range now have NTSC playback.

Your Television

All modern television sets in the United Kingdom and Europe will display a perfect picture when your dvd player is playing a NTSC disc. However some older television sets cannot cope with the NTSC signal and may display the picture in black and white. (PAL discs will play in colour whatever the age of the television set). To fully utilise your television set's ability to display NTSC pictures, your dvd player must of course be connected to your television set using a scart/euro cable or another direct cable link. Again, if you are in doubt whether your TV will display a colour picture when playing NTSC discs, refer to your television instruction manual and look for the phrase "NTSC Playback" or "NTSC Compatibility". If you find that your TV only displays a stable black and white picture when playing a NTSC dvd, you can purchase an inexpensive conversion box to show those pictures in colour. Visit www.lektropacks.co.uk and look at their Video Standard Converter CN-100P.

Your Computer

All the dvds on this website will play perfectly on most computer DVD drives. All PAL dvds should also play on a UK Playstation console. NTSC dvds however may require the Playstation to be modified to accept NTSC discs.


Customers in these countries will obviously be able to play any of our NTSC discs without problem. However to play PAL dvds on their existing NTSC television set they might need a special dvd player fitted with a built-in converter. There are many such models available in the US and Canada for as little as $50, and you can find an excellent selection at www.dvdoverseas.com in their Region Free DVD Players section.

Most US and Canadian computer DVD drives will play PAL discs without a problem. Since the computer image is digital, the PAL/NTSC issue doesn't exist.