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Final Warning

Final Warning
Final Warning Connoisseur CP
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Morgan and Kara are on their Final Warning, after being suspended from school for drinking and smoking. They go to stay with their aunt and their cousin, Monica. The girls don't seem to have learnt anything after being suspended and are soon in trouble with Monica after smoking their aunt's cigarettes, drinking her wine and taking some provocative pictures of each other on her digital camera. Monica decides to take matters into her own hands and punish Morgan and Kara's beautiful bottoms. After warming herself up by spanking both girls, she moves on to dish out their individual punishments. Morgan is first up and has her voluptuous arse, hand slapped, before receiving a springy rubber paddle, and then a stingy leather strap. Next, it's Kara's turn. Kara knows what she is about to receive, after being ordered to watch her sister's punishment. She receives the same treatment as Morgan and then they are both ordered to put their pyjamas on. The girl's punishment is far from over and when they return they each receive several swipes of the cane, leaving their bottoms feeling sore. They are then sent off to bed. Meanwhile, the aunt returns home and discovers the naughty pictures. She demands an explanation from the girls and decides to spank Morgan and Kara. As soon as Morgan goes over her knee she discovers they have already been punished. That doesn't deter her though and the girls get spanked all over again. Final Warning is pure spanking heaven you won't want to miss.