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Fetish Frenzy

Fetish Frenzy
Fetish Frenzy Dom Promotions
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Fetish Frenzy is a roller coaster of freaky fetishness. Hanz gets the sounding treatment with urethral play and then has nettles wrapped round his flaccid cock. For a final jolt of pleasure, electrodes are attached and electricity is released. A pony and trap with a difference startles a rambler, who is led by the reins to pasture where two female doms set about the captured slave. He is bound and his clothes are cut from his body as they spank and slap his bare flesh. Naked and blindfolded he is bundled into the boot of a car for a journey into the unknown. Meanwhile, another naked man is hung upside down for some excruciating cock play. Bent over and strapped down, his arse is subject to a flesh cutting cane and cat of nine tails. Before Fetish Frenzy comes to an end, Hanz is subject to more cock and ball play. His balls are trapped in a wooden vice and are whipped, his cock is then trussed as one by one, the evil mistresses hang a total of eight steel balls from his trapped manhood. With cock torment, slave training, ponyboys, suspension, cock pumping, caning and whipping on offer you won't want to miss this fetish masterpiece! Cast: Mistress Tanja, Mistress DeSire, Mistress Nikkie, Mistress Joan, Willem, Martin